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In the late seventies, several young pioneers launched Encens d’Auroville, with a single line of incense packets of just twelve fragrances. Several years later, Paul Pinthon, one of the co-founders, was joined by his partner Laura Reddy. They then started building a company which would offer a total range of home fragrances with a recognizable brand image. Thus their first act was to change the company name to MAROMA, while retaining Encens d’Auroville as the flagship incense line.

The fragrances were increased to 60. In addition many new fragrance based products were created including hand poured candles. Maroma Spa, the Aromatherapy line was created with incense and candles and extended with the addition of Body Care products including soaps, shampoos, massage oils and others. Colibri is an all-natural insect and moth deterrent in several forms of application.

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