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Maitreyee is a housing project of Auroville.

Project holders: Joseba and Vijaya.

Maitreyee is a residential housing project. It will be built on a plot of approximately 17 670 sq/m in the residential zone sector II.
The project seeks to provide various types of houses for approximately 250 residents.
The start up phase will provide 16 building including 4 family houses; 4 row houses; 4 apartments for couple and 4 apartments for single individual; some studio will be built as working spaces for the occupant of the buildings. Three different level of finishing will be provided to meet different requirements. Common facilities such as parking, landscaping etc. will be provided.

While aiming to provide quality built and affordable houses, the Maitreyee project has for objective to create a harmonious living environment in the respect of Auroville environmental standard and values.

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