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  I started Avipro in 2004, as an interesting next step in the line of writing and books. I am an avid lover and student of world literature, for forty years, and was a professional literary critic and supplement writer for ten years in Amsterdam. In Auroville I worked as managing librarian, editor and translator.I write poetry and am working on a book about 'I Ching(Taoism).

 Apart from regular editing and designing, Avipro compiled and designed “Devotion”, an anthology of spiritual poetry by devotees of Sri Aurobindo; for which I wrote the additional material. I also produced and introduced “Approaching Auroville”, poems by Ajit Rao.

In 2008 I published my third book of poems: “Between Seasons”.

(Books for sale at: auroville.com).




Anthology: Devotion

Affiliated translation service Avitra

Aurovillearts dot com

auroville wiki on my poetry

auroville wiki on my I Ching study

contact: avipro at auroville.org.in or call 2622 805