Letters on Yoga — III

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Letters on Yoga — III
Experiences and Realisations
in the Integral Yoga


Section One: The Nature and Value of Experiences

Experiences and Realisations Paper icon.png
The Difference between Experience and Realisation 5
The Yogi and the Sadhak 6
Subordinate and Great Experiences 6
Feelings as Experiences 7
Love, Joy and Experience 8
Imagined Experiences 9
Mental Knowledge and Spiritual Experience 9
Mental Realisation and Spiritual Realisation 11
Spiritual Experience as Substantial Experience 12
The Value of Experiences Paper icon.png
Experience and Development of Consciousness 13
The Importance of Small Beginnings 14
Inner Experience and Outer Life Paper icon.png
Subjective Experience and the Objective Existence 21
Experience and the Change of One’s Nature 23
Inner Attitude and Outward Things 26
The Power of Creative Formation 26
The Danger of the Ego and the Need of Purification Paper icon.png
Spiritual Experiences and the Ego 29
Purification and Preparation of the Nature 32
Mixed and Confused Experiences 35
Purification and Positive Experience 39
Purification and Consecration 41
Purification and Transformation 43
Conditions for the Coming of Experience 44
Suggestions for Dealing with Experiences Paper icon.png
Letting the Experiences Develop Naturally 47
Thinking about Experiences 47
Observing Experiences without Attachment 48
Observing Experiences without Fear or Alarm 49
Speaking about Experiences 50
The Difficulty of Keeping Experiences 52

Section Two: Vicissitudes on the Way to Realisation

Variations in the Intensity of Experience Paper icon.png
The Up and Down Movement in Yoga 57
Alternations, Oscillations, Fluctuations of Consciousness 59
Fluctuations in the Working of the Force 62
Lulls, Pauses, Interim Periods 63
Drops or Falls of Consciousness 65
Fatigue, Inertia and Lowering of the Consciousness 66
Variations during the Day 68
The Need for Periods of Assimilation 70
Emptiness, Voidness, Blankness and Silence Paper icon.png
Periods of Emptiness 72
Emptiness—A Transitional State 74
Voidness 77
Blankness 78
Emptiness, Blankness and Silence 79
Emptiness, Voidness and the Self 81


Section One: Visions, Sounds, Smells and Tastes

The Value of Visions Paper icon.png
Vision, Experience and Realisation 87
Sensing Supraphysical Things 89
The Importance of Visions 91
Visions Not the Most Important Thing 95
No Reason to Fear Visions 97
Wrong Visions and Voices 97
Kinds of Vision Paper icon.png
The Inner Vision 98
Stages in the Development of the Inner Vision 99
The Diverse Nature and Significance of Visions 100
Representative and Dynamic Visions 102
Seeing Forms of the Divine and Other Beings 103
Cosmic, Inner and Psychic Vision 105
Mental Visions 106
Vital Visions 107
Subtle Physical Visions 108
Subtle Sights, Sounds, Smells and Tastes Paper icon.png
Sights and Sounds of Other Planes 111
Subtle Sounds 111
Subtle Smells and Tastes 113

Section Two: Lights and Colours

Light Paper icon.png
Seeing Light 117
Light and the Illumination of the Consciousness 118
Different Forms of Light 119
Two Visions Explained 120
Colours Paper icon.png
The Symbolism of Colours 122
White Light 124
White Light with Light of Other Colours 125
Whitish Blue Light 126
Blue Light 127
Violet Light 128
Golden Light 129
Gold-Green Light 130
Golden Red or Red Gold Light 130
Orange Light 131
Yellow Light 131
Pink or Rose Light 132
Green Light 132
Purple and Crimson Light 132
Red Light 133
Red and Black 134

Section Three: Symbols

Symbols and Symbolic Visions Paper icon.png
Different Kinds of Symbols 137
The Effect of Symbolic Visions 138
Some Symbolic Visions and Dreams Interpreted 139
Sun, Moon, Star, Fire Paper icon.png
Sun 142
Moon 144
Star 146
Fire and Burning 147
Sky, Weather, Night and Dawn Paper icon.png
Sky 148
Rain, Snow, Clouds, Lightning, Rainbow 149
Night and Dawn 149
Water and Bodies of Water Paper icon.png
Water 150
Sea or Ocean 150
Pond, Lake, River 151
Earth Paper icon.png
Mountain 152
Earth and Patala 153
Gods, Goddesses and Semi-Divine Beings Paper icon.png
Agni 155
Shiva 155
Parvati-Shankara 155
Narayana, Vishnu, Brahma, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ananta 155
Krishna 156
Hanuman 157
Narada 158
Mahakali and Kali 158
Durga on a Lion 158
Ganesh 158
Kartikeya 159
Sanatkumar 159
Buddha 159
Apsaras 159
The Human World Paper icon.png
Child 160
Parents and Relatives 161
Robbers 162
Journeying 162
Running Away 163
Flying 163
Ears 163
Teeth 163
Flesh 164
Being Dead 164
The Animal World Paper icon.png
Cow 165
Bull 166
Horse 166
Lion 167
Tiger 167
Elephant 167
Giraffe 168
Camel 168
Deer and Antelope 168
Boar 168
Buffalo 168
Goat 169
Monkey 169
Dog 169
Black Cat 170
Snake or Serpent 170
Crocodile 173
Frog 173
Fish 173
Bird 173
Swan or Hansa 174
Duck 175
Crane 175
Peacock 175
Dove or Pigeon 176
Crow, Eagle, Kite 176
Ostrich 176
Spider 176
White Ants 176
Flies 176
The Plant World Paper icon.png
Aswattha or Peepul Tree 177
Jungle 177
Leaves 177
Fruits 177
Flowers 177
Lotus 178
Other Flowers 180
Constructions Paper icon.png
Building 181
Workshop 181
Temple 181
Pyramid and Sphinx 181
Objects Paper icon.png
Cross and Shield 183
Crown 183
Diamond 183
Pearl 184
Flute 184
Conch 184
Bells 185
Vina 185
Wheel, Disc or Chakra 185
Bow and Arrow 186
Key 186
Book 186
Mirror, Square and Triangle 186
Incense Stick and Tobacco 186
Gramophone 187
Numbers and Letters Paper icon.png
Numbers 188
Letters (Writing) 188
OM 188


Section One: Experiences on the Inner Planes

Experiences on the Subtle Physical, Vital and Mental Planes Paper icon.png
Subtle Physical Experiences 193
Vital Experiences 194
Influence or Possession by Beings of Other Planes 198
An Experience on the Mental Plane 203
Exteriorisation or Going Out of the Body Paper icon.png
The Experience of Exteriorisation 205
Going Out in the Vital Body 206

Section Two: Experiences of the Inner Being and the Inner Consciousness

The Inward Movement Paper icon.png
The Importance of Inner Experiences 211
Becoming Aware of the Inner Being 213
The Piercing of the Veil 214
The Movement Inward 219
The Inner Consciousness and the Body 222
A Transitional State of Inwardness 223
The Growth of the Inner Being and the Inner Consciousness 223
Living Within 225
Living Within and the External Being 228
Acting from Within on the Outer Being 230
The Double Consciousness 232
The Inner Being and Calmness, Silence, Peace 232
The Inner Being and the Inmost or Psychic Being 236
Inner Detachment and the Witness Attitude Paper icon.png
Inner Detachment 238
The Witness Attitude 241
The Witness Purusha or Witness Consciousness 244
The Purusha and Change of the Prakriti 246
Inner Experiences in the State of Samadhi Paper icon.png
Samadhi or Trance 248
Trance Not Essential 250
Kinds of Samadhi 251
Samadhi and the Waking State 252
Samadhi and Sleep 253
The Trance of Mediums 256
Three Experiences of the Inner Being Paper icon.png
Opening into the Inner Mental Self 257
The Awakening of the Inner Being in Sleep 259
A Touch of the Inner Self 262

Section Three: Experiences of the Cosmic Consciousness

The Universal or Cosmic Consciousness Paper icon.png
The Terms “Universal” and “Cosmic” 267
The Nature of the Cosmic Consciousness 267
The Cosmic Consciousness and the Overmind 269
The Cosmic Consciousness and the Transcendent 269
Spiritual, Cosmic and Ordinary Consciousness 271
The Widening of the Consciousness 273
The Cosmic Consciousness and the Cosmic Self 277
The Cosmic Consciousness and Self-Realisation 279
Aspects of the Cosmic Consciousness Paper icon.png
The Cosmic Ignorance and the Cosmic Truth 281
The Cosmic Harmony and Discords 282
The Cosmic Will 283
Opening to the Cosmic Mind 284
Opening to the Cosmic Life 284
The Cosmic Consciousness and the Physical 285
The Universal or Cosmic Forces Paper icon.png
The Nature of the Universal or Cosmic Forces 287
The Universal Energies and the Divine Force 288
The Cosmic Force and the Overmind 289
The Entry of the Universal Forces 290
The Universal Forces and the Individual 290
Time Vision and the Cosmic Movement 290

Section Four: The Dangers of Inner and Cosmic Experiences

The Intermediate Zone Paper icon.png Wiki icon.png
The Nature of the Intermediate Zone 295
The Dangers of the Intermediate Zone 303
Avoiding the Dangers of the Intermediate Zone 306
Inner Voices and Indications Paper icon.png
The Nature of Voices 308
The Danger of Following Inner Voices 309


Section One: Three Stages of Transformation: Psychic, Spiritual, Supramental

The Psychic and Spiritual Realisations Paper icon.png
The Fundamental Realisations 319
Four Bases of Realisation 319
Three Realisations for the Soul 319
Foundations of the Sadhana 320
The Central Process of the Yoga 323
Conditions of Transformation Paper icon.png
Realisation and Transformation 331
The Three Transformations 331
Preparation for the Supramental Change 333

Section Two: The Psychic Opening, Emergence and Transformation

The Psychic Being and Its Role in Sadhana Paper icon.png
The Importance of the Psychic Change 337
The Role of the Psychic in Sadhana 339
The Psychic Deep Within 340
The Psychic and the Mental, Vital and Physical Nature 342
The Psychic Awakening 344
Living in the Psychic 344
The Psychic Opening Paper icon.png
The Meaning of Psychic Opening 347
Conditions for the Psychic Opening 348
An Experience of Psychic Opening 349
The Psychic Opening and the Inner Centres 351
“Opening” and “Coming in Front” 352
The Emergence or Coming Forward of the Psychic Paper icon.png
The Meaning of “Coming to the Front” 354
Signs of the Psychic’s Coming Forward 355
The Psychic and the Relation with the Divine 359
Means of Bringing Forward the Psychic 360
Obstacles to the Psychic’s Emergence 362
Experiences Associated with the Psychic Paper icon.png
The Psychic Touch or Influence 367
The Psychic Condition 367
The Psychic Fire 368
The Psychic Fire and Some Inner Visions 369
Agni 371
Agni and the Psychic Fire 373
Psychic Joy 374
Psychic Sorrow 374
Psychic Tears or Weeping 375
Psychic Yearning 376
Psychic Intensity 377
The Psychic and Uneasiness 378
The Psychic and Spiritual Transformations Paper icon.png
Psychisation and Spiritualisation 380
The Psychic and the Higher Consciousness 381
The Psychic and Spiritual Movements 383
The Psychic Consciousness and the Descent from Above 385
The Psychic and the Supermind 387

Section Three: Spiritual Experiences and Realisations

Experiences of the Self, the One and the Infinite Paper icon.png
Peace, Calm, Silence and the Self 391
The True Self Within 393
The Self and the Sense of Individuality 394
The Disappearance of the “I” Sense 395
The Self and the Cosmic Consciousness 396
A Vision of the Universal Self 396
The Self Experienced on Various Planes 397
The Self and Time 397
The Self and Life 398
Experiences of Infinity, Oneness, Unity 398
Living in the Divine 399
Experiences on the Higher Planes Paper icon.png
The Higher or Spiritual Consciousness 401
Breaking into the Spiritual Consciousness 401
Wideness and the Higher Consciousness 402
Degrees in the Higher Consciousness 403
The Higher Planes and the Supermind 405
Levels of the Higher Mind 406
An Illumined Mind Experience 406
Overmind Experiences 407
Overmind Experiences and the Supermind 408
Reflected Experience of the Higher Planes 410
Trance and the Higher Planes 411
Living in a Higher Plane 411

Section Four: The Spiritual Transformation

Ascent and Descent Paper icon.png
The Meaning of Spiritual Transformation 415
A Double Movement in the Sadhana 415
Both Ascent and Descent Necessary 417
The Order of Ascent and Descent 419
Ascent and Descent of the Kundalini Shakti 420
Ascent and Descent and Problems of the Lower Nature 422
Experiences of Ascent and Descent 425
Ascent to the Higher Planes Paper icon.png
Contact with the Above 428
Ascension or Rising above the Head 429
Ascent and Return to the Ordinary Consciousness 431
Ascent and Dissolution 432
Ascent and the Psychic Being 433
Ascent and the Body 434
Ascent and Going out of the Body 434
Fixing the Consciousness Above 437
Ascent and Change of the Lower Nature 439
The Descent of the Higher Consciousness and Force Paper icon.png
The Purpose of the Descent 441
Calling in the Higher Consciousness 441
Preparatory Experiences and Descent 442
The Order of Descent into the Being 445
The Effect of Descent into the Lower Planes 447
The Descent of the Higher Powers Paper icon.png
The Descent of Peace, Force, Light, Ananda 449
Peace, Calm, Quiet as a Basis for the Descent 450
The Descent of Peace 452
The Descent of Silence 453
The Descent of Force or Power 455
The Descent of Fire 459
The Descent of Light 460
The Descent of Knowledge 461
The Descent of Wideness 461
The Descent of Ananda 461
The Flow of Amrita 462
Descent and Other Kinds of Experience Paper icon.png
Descent and Experiences of the Inner Being 463
Descent and Psychic Experiences 464
Descent and Other Experiences 466
Feelings and Sensations in the Process of Descent Paper icon.png
Sensations in the Inner Centres 469
Pressure 469
Perforation 473
Vibration 473
Electricity 474
Waves 475
Flow or Stream 475
Drizzle or Shower 475
Coolness 476
Stoniness 477
Sound 477
Difficulties Experienced in the Process of Descent Paper icon.png
Alternations in the Intensity of the Force 479
The Need of Assimilation 479
Pulling Down the Force 480
Shaking or Swaying of the Body 481
Headaches Due to Resistance 482
Talking Loudly 483
Fear of the Descending Force 484
Desires and Descent 484
Tiredness, Inertia and Sleep 485
Mixing with the World 485
Descent and the Lower Nature Paper icon.png
The Resistance of the Lower Nature 487
Descent into the Mind and Vital 490
Descent into the Physical Consciousness and Body 493
Experiences in the Subtle Body and the Physical Body 496
Descent into the Subconscient and Inconscient 497

Notes are paraphrased from the “Publisher's Note” and “Note on the Texts”.