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“It was a small group of about twelve people who met once a week [in Paris]. A subject was given; an answer was to be prepared for the following week. Each one brought along his little work. Generally, I too used to prepare a short paper and, at the end, I read it out. ...
         The subject for the first meeting was: What is the aim to be achieved, the work to be done, the means of achievement? And here is my answer:

“The general aim to be attained is the advent of a progressing universal harmony.
The means for attaining this aim, in regard to the earth, is the realisation of human unity through the awakening in all and the manifestation by all of the inner Divinity which is One.
In other words, — to create unity by founding the Kingdom of God which is within us all.
This, therefore, is the most useful work to be done:
  1. For each individually, to be conscious in himself of the Divine Presence and to identify himself with it.
  2. To individualise the states of being that were never till now conscious in man and, by that, to put the earth in connection with one or more of the fountains of universal force that are still sealed to it.
  3. To speak again to the world the eternal word under a new form adapted to its present mentality. It will be the synthesis of all human knowledge.
  4. Collectively, to establish an ideal society in a propitious spot for the flowering of the new race, the race of the Sons of God.”[1]

This is the Supermind.
I did not know Sri Aurobindo at that time and he had not written anything yet.”[2]

“It was the whole programme of what Sri Aurobindo has done, and the method of doing the work on earth, and I had foreseen this in 1912. I met Sri Aurobindo for the first time in 1914, that is, two years later, and I had already made the whole programme.”[3]

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