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Amudha and Sundaram manage a long-time agricultural area of Auroville, Kottakarai Farm. One of the first farms in this part of Auroville it was founded already back in 1974. The soil is very good, with two acres of irrigated land, two acres suitable for dry land farming, three acres of orchard and some forest. The farm is sharing on well with two neighboring families. They grow vegetables and rice, traditional millets, pulses and some oilseeds. The farm produce go to a lunch scheme at Isai Ambalam School, while the crops are mainly used by Ganesh Bakery. The setup is supplemented with the Ganesh Bakery and provisions shop, and a food processing and research centre. With so many related outlets and processors in the immediate area, the farm is very much appreciated.

The aims of the farm are described as follows: “Ensuring a basic income through a reliable supply of food, while seeking ways of reducing the risk of crop failure. Through these means, production may be modestly expanded without compromising the farmer's health and well-being”.


  • Landline: 262-2102
  • Mobile: 944-347-6387
  • Email: sundaram@auroville.org.in