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Koodam is a conflict resolution platform that offers personal and group conflict transformation services. It seeks to transform how the Auroville community engages in conflict, filling the need for a dedicated system and process for conflict resolution. The name Koodam is taken from the word கூடம் (koo-dahm), meaning "gathering place."


After more than ten years of working with various governance Working Groups and as a mediator in Auroville, Elvira proposed the creation of a platform for alternative dispute resolution in Auroville. A project proposal was presented to the community for feedback in 2013 and received remarkable support, including project funding for the first year.

Koodam opened an office in the Unity Pavilion in September 2013.

In summer 2014, Niva joined Elvira as the second Koodam coordinator.


  • Email: koodam (at) auroville.org.in

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