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“There is a law of being which throws back upon you the murder, the persecution you carry out. When you inflict suffering on others out of self-will, the suffering will come back to you. That is the law of Karma.”[1]

“Your foot slipped on the tiger-skin. Now, suppose you had beaten a tiger in your past life with a stick, then it may give you a fractured leg this time.

No. Then it would come and kill me this time. The Law of Karma is not mathematical or mechanical. The Law of Karma simply put is: when certain energies are put forward then certain results tend to be produced. Karma is not the fundamental law of consciousness. The basic law is spiritual. Karma is a secondary machinery to help the consciousness to grow by experience. The laws of being are primarily spiritual. It is quite possible to eliminate the Karmic force – it is not absolute. It is the mind that formulates these laws; and the mind always tries to put them as absolute.”[2]

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