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Isai Ambalam ("Hall of Harmony" in Tamil) is a school for pre-school, primary and middle-school aged children from Kottakkarai and Alankuppam villages.

The aim of the school is to support both children and teachers to reach their highest potential and to follow the principles of integral education.

The school broadly follows the CBSE syllabus, and students can choose to continue with their 9th to 12th grade at New Era Secondary School (NESS).

Isai Ambalam has qualified and well trained teachers and many youth and volunteers. This includes 11 Engineers who work with the children in science, technology, programming, electronics and mathematics. The medium of instruction is English, but most teachers and classes are bilingual.

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  • Phone: 0413-262-2793, 948-622-2047 (Subash, coordinator)
  • E-mail: isaiambalamschool (at)

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