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“Nirodbaran: Dilip has become a convert to the Supermind. (Sri Aurobindo made an expression of pretended surprise.) Yes, he says only the Supermind can save humanity. If he has mocked at the Supermind, it was all in jest. (Sri Aurobindo began to laugh.) But he is in despair and wants to leave this sorrowful world.

Sri Aurobindo: He will have to come back into a still more sorrowful world.

Purani: When this war is over, there may again be a recrudescence of war after twenty-five years or so, unless some solution is arrived at.

Yes, we have developed the system of nations and now we have to develop the unity of nations; unless they do that there will be always these recrudescences, till Nature forces us to come to a solution of the problem.

Purani: In “The Psychology of Social Development” [“The Human Cycle”], you have said the same thing. The nations and tribes that resisted had to perish.

It was the same condition in France before the restoration of monarchy. On one side humanity is locked together; on the other side the national egos remain. The unity has of course to be a living unity, not like that of the Roman Empire in which the same old organisations and institutions remained.

Purani: Now that the Allies and the Belgians have been forced to pool their economies, they may form such an alliance even after the war.

Unless they do, there is no solution. The big Powers must form some sort of a system; it need not be a rigid system. If the small neutrals find that it is workable they may join. It has to be some sort of a federation but not the bungle and mess of the League of Nations.”[1]

  1. Talks with Sri Aurobindo, p.661, 24 May 1940

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