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Integral Planning refers to town planning that in scope includes the built environment, natural environment, living populations (human and nonhuman), future populations, and the shared aims, ideals and realities of a community. Integral planning is flexible and adaptable. It is participatory. An integral planning approach is one wide enough to consider how all 'stakeholders' are connected to or otherwise affected by a place and its activities.

2009: Knowledge Management systems by Fabien

The Knowledge Book of l'Avenir d'Auroville and Thesaurus Information Classification

2011: Compilation of material on Mobility by Isha

A large amount of material related to planning and roads is organized on the Mobility wiki page, including background information on initiatives undertaken in Auroville, and with a list of directly accessible reports.

2011-2013: Review of building application process

A comprehensive attempt to realise integral planning in Auroville was undertaken between 2011 and 2013 with input from a range of Aurovilians, L'Avenir d'Auroville and the Residents Assembly. This effort resulted in the usable products of an Applicant Guide, Site Application Form, and Building Application Form, as well as some initial work toward formulating development guidelines. None of these have so far been adopted by L'avenir. In the final report of this effort, a timeline of steps was outlined for how the Auroville town planning process can transition into one that is clearer, more participatory, and more ecological. These recommendations have not yet been followed.

2013: Suhasini's Land Suitability and Land Use Proposal

In May 2013 Suhasini presented the first draft of “Auroville city area - Land Suitability and Land Use Proposal” to the chairman of L'Avenir and others. The proposal analyzes the Auroville land area on more detailed level than does the Auroville Master Plan. It describes specific land use recommendations, within the parameters of the designated city zones, that take into account present land use and other current realities. It recognizes the natural and financial investments made over the last 45 years in terms of surface water management, afforestation, infrastructure, settlements, public facilities, and more, and advocates integrating and intensifying existing development as the best approach to urbanizing Auroville.

A second draft of the proposal was then prepared and presented several times, from November 2013, to various bodies including L'avenir and the general public. In May 2014 the completed document was handed over to L'avenir along with a request to discuss points of convergence and/or divergence with their interpretation of the Auroville galaxy-shaped Master Plan.[1]

File:Land Suitability and Land Use Proposal - Suhasini.pdf

2013: Bankim Kalra's Implementation and Development Phasing Programme (IDPP)

Under L'Avenir's commission[2], Bankim Kalra created an Implementation and Development Phasing Programme for Auroville's development which "represents the overarching strategic framework through which L’Avenir/TDC will plan its course of action for the next 5 years". The document is the basis for a Detailed Development Plan for Auroville, which is currently (March 2015) being worked on by a group of non-Aurovilians behind closed doors.

File:IDPP web.pdf
File:IDPP Appendix web.pdf

2014: Steps toward adapting the "Living Community Challenge" to Auroville

In 2014 Kristen and Bertrand with the support of L'Avenir connected with the International Living Future Institute to explore the possibility of adapting their "Living Community Challenge" framework to Auroville. Further serious work in this direction will require a commitment from L'Avenir to follow through with the recommendations arrived at through this fully open and participatory collaboration.

2014: Participatory planning in Bommayapalayam Panchayat

File:Bommayapalayam TDC MOU.pdf

2014-2015: L'avenir's pursuit of New Town Development Authority (NTDA) status

From 2014 a team created by L'avenir has been pursuing New Town Development Authority (NTDA) status for Auroville.[3]


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