Housing Repair Fund

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Timings and Location(s)

The Housing Service office is located at the Town Hall, on the first floor, in front of the office of Working Committee, Auroville Council, FAMC and AV Security. A person will be there to provide information in the mornings between 9 am to 11.30pm exept Mo and We and in the afternoon Mo and Fr between 2.30 to 4.30 pm.
For more information contact Housing Service, tel.: 2622658, or email

General Information and Background

The Housing Repair Fund assists Aurovilians to repair and maintain their houses, with the limited monthly budget it receives from the Central Fund. This is managed through Housing Service.

Members and Affiliations

A couple of the regular members of Housing Service manage the Housing Repair Fund, tracking requests, and arranging site visits and estimates. 

Aims and Objectives

Most of the monthly budget is spent on repair and for replacement of keet (palm leaf) roofs of houses, either in the Green Belt or located elsewhere in the City area, during or prior to the annual monsoon rains. Other requests are considered on the basis of urgency, and may include plumbing, electrical or painting jobs. Discussions are ongoing to expand funding so that the housing repair needs of Aurovilians is covered as a basic need and part of community support for all those living and working in Auroville.