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Aurodam in 1978

The history of Auroville begins, 'officially' that is, from February 28th 1968. The Mother broadcasts a speech, actually an invitation to "all people of goodwill". That marks the launching of Auroville, which, everything said and done, is a 'project' and an 'experiment' in Human Unity. It may also be said that Auroville is a laboratory for the growth of consciousness and thereby hastening the evolution upon earth in the light of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Mother approved following short text, written in 1969,  which sheds much light on the purpose and background of Auroville.

"The task of giving a concrete form to Sri Aurobindo's vision was entrusted to the Mother. The creation of  a new world, a new humanity, a new society expressing and embodying the new consciousness is the work she has undertaken. By the very nature of things, it is a collective ideal that calls for a collective effort so that it may be realised in the terms of an integral human perfection.

The Ashram founded and build by the Mother was the first step towards the accomplishment of this goal. The project of Auroville is the next step, more exterior, which seeks to widen the base of this attempt to establish harmony between soul and body, spirit and nature, heaven and earth, in the collective life of mankind."

Books on Auroville

The Dawning of Auroville - a compilation by Bill Sullivan. In this book, Bill has brought together short passages by Aurovilians. They give glimpses into the efforts, struggles, challenges, joys, achievements, hopes, dreams and aspirations of the Aurovilians during the first 25 years of Auroville.

Antithesis of yoga - a novel about the first twenty five years in Auroville by Jocelyn. Though it refers to the first 25 years of Auroville, it is too personal an account and should not be taken as a historical record or an accurate account of Auroville's history. It is rather a romanticised, personal account of one Aurovilian and of her struggle to live in Auroville in spite of all odds.

Made in Auroville, India - written in French by Monique Patenaude and translated in English by L'aura Joy, "Made in Auroville, India" is a novel based on the historic reality of Auroville. Same title for the French and the English versions.

Auroville: The First Six Years - written by Alan Lithman aka Savitra, this book beautifully outlines the fundamental themes and stories that make up the microcosm of the early Auroville experience. Embellished with inspiring and ethereal quotations by Sri Aurobindo, The Mother and unidentified Aurovilians. This book lucidly captures the dreams that inspired those who began the community and preserves them, frozen in time, for the current generation to see and absorb, and hopefully build upon. The photos, masterfully chosen and presented, present a picture of a community at peace with itself and the world around it, living in harmony with its surroundings, enduring hardships and celebrating its evolution.

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