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(Sri Aurobindo:) “Allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy, Kaviraji, hakimi have all caught hold of Nature and subjected her to certain processes; each has its successes and failures. Let each do its own work in its own way. I do not see any need for fights and recriminations. For me all are only outward means and what really works are unseen forces behind; as they act, the outer means succeed or fail — if one can make the process a right channel for the right force, then the process gets its full utility — that is all.”[1]

(Mother:) “You know what you should do? You must forget completely that your finger is not all right. You must forget completely.

(Mona Sarkar:) But, Mother, I have forgotten. When I work with this finger I never think that this finger is not all right.

It is mentally that you have forgotten, and that will not do; you must forget physically. You should never think that you had hurt your finger, but do things normally without the slightest hesitation. As long as one does not forget, one cannot be cured. It has an immediate effect, as if something new has grown. When one can forget completely then be sure that it will heal. You should do the same thing for your knee. You should forget completely that your knee is not all right. From the very cells and all that constitutes your body, – you must make them forget in such a way that they do not react as they did before. Forget completely. If you can do it, your knee will be completely cured.”[2]

(Mother:) “The past does not exist for the knee so that it awakens to a new process of consciousness, – of acting, of adjusting, of conducting, or of behaving, – by the infusion of the New Consciousness into the knee. All the past habits, the atavism, the essential nature of the cells, the mental formations, the ideas, the ways of conduct, the physical actions and reactions, the vital attractions and repulsions, all, all that constitutes the mode of action, the fear and the spontaneous shrinking, all that must be forgotten, leaving behind all the traits and habits. You must renew life, blossom into a New Consciousness. This is the only way to cure your knee.
         In fact, this is what I have been doing on myself and the results are convincing. The body follows an inner rhythm leading to a limitless blossoming. It is the influence of the all-powerful Consciousness, dazzling the comprehension, without words. This is what I have discovered. I have been able to change the very cells – what they are constituted of – by an ultraterrestrial phenomenon, that is to say, that which is not to be found in the terrestrial evolution. It is of a new type with possibilities of endurance unknown to man, which could be extended to the immortality of the body; or the possibility of retaining the Supramental power in the cells leading to a prolonging of life with a constant and infinite renewal. With this, the body has lost the sense of time. The laws of Nature have lost their meaning for this body. The inexhaustible Force pouring perpetually, ceaselessly, or without diminution of the Supramental energy which gives the capacity to prolong life, – this is what I have arrived at by infusing this force into the cells. And the cells have not only forgotten the past which constituted them – the memory of these mutations of millions and millions of years in the terrestrial evolution, the habits of the old world, forgotten – but they have begun to accustom themselves to respond to the transforming light of the Divine Consciousness. They radiate with a perpetual splendour and a glow in a renewal of life which expresses only the Joy of existence, the Divine Ecstasy hidden in them. This is a new experience for me, with infinite possibilities of being reborn in the New Consciousness, in an eternally true blossoming.
         This is life, this is the hidden mystery, this is the Divine Will unfolding itself in its terrestrial manifestation. This is a new discovery for me, an unforseen discovery which I did not expect, and I knew nothing about its immense possibilities – as if innumerable horizons have opened before me and the things that were promised have been fulfilled.”[3]

(Amal Kiran:) “The manner in which the Mother deals with children is another eye-opener. I recall how she once handled a little girl who was brought to her as having fever. The Mother put her hand gently over the girl's head, moved it slowly to the back of the head, then slid it right down the spine in the same caressing way, and at the end lightly kissed the child on her forehead. The little patient, I am positive, went away as good as cured. I wish everybody could receive such doctoring. The Mother has told me that she used to cure her son André, when a boy, of all his illnesses without ever calling a doctor. She has an extraordinary healing power.”[4]

(Mother:) “This evening I intend to explain something to you which, I hope, will put an end to this feeling of a contradiction in you. In fact, I have told you many a time that when two ideas or principles apparently seem to contradict one another, you must rise a little higher in your thought and find the point where the contradictions meet in a comprehensive synthesis.
         Here, it is very easy if we know one thing, that he method we use to deal with our body, maintain it, keep it fit, improve it and keep it in good health, depends exclusively on the state of consciousness we are in; for our body is an instrument of our consciousness and this consciousness can act directly on it and obtain what it wants from it.
         So, if you are in an ordinary physical consciousness, if you see things with the eyes of the ordinary physical consciousness, if you think of them with the ordinary physical consciousness, it will be ordinary physical means you will have to use to act on your body. These ordinary physical means make up the whole science which has accumulated through thousands of years of human existence. This science is very complex, its processes innumerable, complicated, uncertain, often contradictory, always progressive and almost absolutely relative! Still, very precise results have been achieved; ever since physical culture has become a serious preoccupation, a certain number of experiments, studies, observations have accumulated, which enable us to regulate diet, activities, exercise, the whole outer organisation of life, and provide an adequate basis so that those who make the effort to study and conform strictly to these things have a chance to maintain their body in good health, correct the defects it may have and improve its general condition, and even achieve results which are sometimes quite remarkable.
         I may add, moreover, that this intellectual human science, such as it is at present, in its very sincere effort to find the truth, is, surprisingly enough, drawing closer and closer to the essential truth of the Spirit. It is not impossible to foresee the movement where the two will unite in a very deep and very close understanding of the essential truth.
         So, for all those who live on the physical plane, in the physical consciousness, it is physical means and processes which have to be used in dealing with the body. And as the vast majority of human beings, even in the Ashram, live in a consciousness which, if not exclusively physical, is at least predominantly physical, it is quite natural for them to follow and obey all the principles laid down by physical science for the care of the body.
         Now, according to what Sri Aurobindo teaches us, this is not a final realisation, nor is it the ideal to which we want to rise. There is a higher state than this, in which the consciousness, though it still remains principally mental or partially mental in its functioning, is already open to higher regions in an aspiration for the spiritual life, and open to the supramental influence. As soon as this opening occurs, one passes beyond the state in which life is purely physical — when I say “physical” I include the whole mental and intellectual life and all human achievements, even the most remarkable; I am speaking of a physical which is the summit of human capacities, of an earthly and material life in which man can express values of a higher order from the mental and intellectual point of view — one can go beyond that state, open oneself to the supramental force which is now acting on earth and enter a transitional zone where the two influences meet and interpenetrate, where the consciousness is still mental and intellectual in its functioning, but sufficiently imbued with the supramental strength and force to become the instrument of a higher truth.
         At present this state can be realised on earth by those who have prepared themselves to receive the supramental force which is manifesting. And in that state, in that state of consciousness, the body can benefit from a much better condition than the one it was in before. It can be put into direct contact with the essential truth of its being, to the extent that, spontaneously, at every moment it knows instinctively, or intuitively, what is to be done and that it can do it.
         As I say, this state can now be realised by all those who take the trouble of preparing themselves to receive the supramental force, to assimilate it and obey it.”[5]

(Amal Kiran:) “I shall begin with what happened when I first came here and stayed in what I have called Vasudha's House but what would be labelled in our Ashram English as “Old Amal's House” (laughter) because Amal, although only 23 at the time, had it as his old residence before he moved on to another place. In this house I saw a well, and naturally with the vigour of 23 I pulled up water from it and with the equally natural rashness of 23 I drank the water! (laughter) The result was severe diarrhoea. Perhaps this was an experience of purification – purification starting at the wrong end! I did not know how to check the process. So I sent for the Ashram doctor. The doctors in the Ashram now are innumerable. At that time there was only one and even he was almost invisible, because he was ever so thin. (laughter) He appeared to be a being of one dimension attached to a wispy beard.
         He came to see me. I was in bed. He sat next to the bed and then, as I was looking at him, he shut his eyes and sat like that for what seemed to me a rather long time. I got a little impatient and said, “Doctor.” He sweetly replied, “Yes?” I continued, “I want some treatment.” He answered, “I am giving you treatment” – and again shut his eyes. (laughter) I imagined that he was thinking of the right drug to give me, and concentrating for the purpose. But he didn't do anything at all. So once more I poked him a little. “What?” he asked me. I said, “I want some medicine.” “Oh, you want some medicine!” “Of course,” I said – and he was so disgusted he got up and walked away with a curious smile and after a short time brought a bottle of medicine, which I can say was quite effective, a tribute to him. But from then I began to guess there was something here called doing things by meditation. The doctor's behaviour, his eye-shutting, was an eye-opener to me, and later I discovered that meditation could do a lot if the Gurus themselves meditated on us instead of our meditating on ourselves or on each other! (laughter)[6]

(Mother:) “[The nerves] have a very great receptivity, and very spontaneous, a spontaneously strong receptivity – and effortless – to the harmonious physical vibration (which is very rare, but still it exists in some individuals), and that physical vibration ... what we could call a physical FORCE, a harmonious physical vibration (spontaneously harmonious, of course, without the need for mental intervention – like the vibrations of a flower, for instance; there are physical vibrations that are like that, that carry in themselves a harmonious force), and the nerves are extremely sensitive and receptive to that vibration, which immediately puts them right again.
         It's very interesting, it explains many, many things. A day will come when all this will be explained and put in its proper place. Now isn't the time to reveal it yet, but it's very interesting.
         I really have the feeling that it's beginning to be organized, that the work is beginning to be organized.”[7]

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