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The Human Resource(s) Team (formerly Maintenance Group) was formed in March 2008.

To help in the manifestation of Auroville's Ideals in the field of work and the maintenance of Aurovilians, as indicated by The Mother, namely:

  1. To be an interface between individual's aspiration to serve and perfect themselves through work and the community’s development, helping each one to find their most useful and meaningful place.
  2. Promote the covering in kind of the needs of Aurovilian adults working for Auroville and of children and youth.
  3. Collaborate to Auroville’s applied research in economy.


  1. Maintain and update the database of the Human Resources of Auroville.
  2. Review maintenance related policies and propose appropriate changes to the Residents Assembly and the FAMC whenever necessary.
  3. Manage the following budgets within the Auroville's Budget prepared by the BCC and in accordance with approved policies:
    1. Maintenances
    2. Social Support Maintenances: bridging, maternity, disabilities, senior fund.
    3. Children, student and apprentice maintenances.
    4. Dental Care.
    5. Personal support
  4. Keep track of all the allocations and ensure that they stay within budget.
  5. Provide available information related to Human Resources to the relevant groups.
  6. Facilitate work placement for Aurovilians and Newcomers (through Connections)

The HRT is at the service of the community in its attempt to embody Auroville’s ideals. It is therefore accountable to the Residents Assembly, it helps the FAMC and the Budget Coordination Committee to fulfill their missions in the light of Mother’s guide lines.

Composition and Selection of Members:

  1. The Human Resources Team shall be composed of between 4 and 8 members, one or two of them will take up the daily office work on regular basis.
  2. An Aurovilian who expresses the wish to join the team on the basis of the HRT’s mission, is welcome. Names of volunteers will be presented to the Residents Assembly for 3 week feedback period. If there are no reasonable objections within this period, those nominated will be considered members of the Human Resource Team.
  3. To be part of the group is a commitment to Auroville's aims and meaning.
  4. The nature of this work demands for its members a thorough knowledge of Auroville and Aurovilians.
  5. Members shall commit themselves for a period of 2 years, and termination of office shall be staggered so that no more than 2 members complete their service at one time. Members should be allowed to serve for larger periods of time.
  6. The group remains in existence as long as it can progress in the fulfillment of its mission.
  7. Replacing of members can take place on the basis of a consensus within the HRT with approbation by the RA if needed.

Held once or twice a week according to the needs. Meeting of some members with individuals is encouraged for a better mutual understanding. The organization remains simple and flexible in order to be able to respond to people’s needs as they present themselves. 

Quorum & Decision Making: 
Decisions may be taken by the Human Resources Team only at scheduled meetings where a quorum is present. A quorum shall consist of at least one-half of the Team members. 

The Human Resources Team will seek consensus among its members for its decisions. Consent will also be considered an acceptable level of agreement for decisions. If a decision cannot be made within a reasonable or necessary period of time, the issue will be brought to the Budget Coordination Committee for a decision. 


  • Location: Town Hall, next to AVDzines
  • Hours: 9.30 to 12 and 3 to 4.30
  • Email: hrt (at)

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