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Letters on Yoga - II
“The Divine Grace and Guidance”

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PDF (12 pages)

“Nirodbaran: You have said in your “Prayers and Meditations” that justice exists and one can't avoid the law of Karma except by the Divine Grace. Why doesn't one believe in this Grace?

The Mother (after looking for some time with meditative eyes): Because the human mind arranges and combines things, accepts or eliminates them according to its own notion and judgment. It does not leave any room for the Grace. For instance, one is cured of a disease or passes an examination; one thinks it is due to medicine or one's effort. One doesn't see that in between these factors or behind them there may be the Grace acting on one. (Turning to Sri Aurobindo) Isn't that so?

Sri Aurobindo: People would call it luck, I suppose. (Laughter)

The Mother: If one does not recognise the Grace, how can it work? It is as if one had shut one's door against it. Of course, it can work from below, underneath, so to speak.

Nirodbaran: Doesn't the Grace act unconditionally?

The Mother: It does, especially on those who have been predestined for some definite work in life. Yes, the Grace is unconditional; but at the same time how will it work if a man is throwing it away or doesn't recognise it? It would be like constantly spilling from a cup in which something is being poured. If one recognises the Grace and expresses gratitude, it acts more quickly and more powerfully.

Nirodbaran: Isn't it because we are ignorant that we don't recognise it?

The Mother: No; I know many ignorant people who having received the Grace have expressed a deep gratitude welling up from the heart.

Dr. Manilal: We should like the Grace to act like a mother feeding her infant when it is hungry and supplying things when needed.

Sri Aurobindo: And who is this infant here? (Loud laughter)

The Mother: But the Grace does not work according to human standards or demands. It has its own law and its own way. How can it act otherwise? Very often what seems to be a great blow or calamity at the present moment may turn out to be a great blessing after ten years or so, and people say that their real life began only after that mishap.”[1]

  1. Talks with Sri Aurobindo, p.8, 11 December 1938

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