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On the next step the soul energy in us becomes the creative word, the logos, which since the beginning was in God and was God. In us this word becomes


It not only blesses but also gives the capacity and need to bless all we meet or touch. The word dwells now again in its original


and confers this true and sole superiority on those in whom it has become alive, and as long as it remains alive they will speak with the power to command. Don't mistake a formula or a word for The Word. Words are formations of mind; The Word is an emanation of the fire. The way to this almightiness is


the solemn calling of the forces in us out of the unconscious into the conscious.

The Ineffable puts on a robe of speech
Where all its words are woven like magic threads
And every thought takes up its destined place
Recorded in the memory of the world.[1]

  1. Savitri, p.662, “The Dream Twilight of the Earthly Real”