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When the soul fire enters this chakra between the eyebrows, our will enters into its divine freedom. It becomes constant glad


a continuous joyful approval, an eager ‘yes’ in its loving and respectful feeling of oneness with the indwelling all-will which human beings call their


Accept the godhead into your will and the godhead will invite you onto his throne. From this high seat the kundalini force, the primordial fire, brings us also that force of


which gives reality to whatever it perceives, and projects that vision into reality.

All things in this universe around us are created by this ‘imaginatio’: conscious soul-force imagining. And when our will has become free and one with our destiny then imagination has become our path.

Fate shall be changed by an unchanging will.[1]

  1. Savitri, p.346, “The Vision and the Boon”