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40 Vitality.png


The next seat of the mounting fire is the centre of the life force. It brings us


and its many-sided dynamism becomes


“the first power of life”.[1]

Enthusiasm now develops its own


The symbol which we have chosen for vitality in our game is a flag, the Egyptian hieroglyph for God. Also when Captain Cook arrived in Tahiti and was shown by Queen Oberea the sacred royal maraae, her place of worship, he was astonished not to see any of the stone gods he believed were worshipped by the Polynesians. He asked the queen about this and she showed him a white pole, on the top of which a piece of white bark-cloth fulttered in the wind.

“This is the symbol of Ihonui, the great self,” she said. “All we can see is the fluttering of the tapa: the force which moves it is invisible.”

“What is the use of only knowing? I say to thee, Act and be, for therefore God sent thee into this human body.”[2]

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