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There the perfection born from eternity
Calls to it the perfection born in Time [1]

On this highest level of consciousness, the inner fire is reunited with its source, its mother, the sun of truth, bliss, and eternal, infinite consciousness. It is no longer on the thought level, but beyond mind on the level of a realized being, where the divine fire melts the person into the superperson. All that was personal has now become united with the One Person. “All-ruler, ruled by none, the Truth supreme, / Omnipotent, omniscient”[2] brings us a

new world

of which this world is only a beginning and where the one


of the eternal's vast real-idea can manifest itself in all its splendour.

And the way to it is an eternal, unceasing


Our symbol for truth is the Egyptian scarab: “He who creates himself”.

Out of the Unmanifest never to return
Till the Unknown is known and seen by men. [3]

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