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Our ‘Sun’ is of course for us the first and foremost of all heavenly bodies. Undisputed queen in the heavens, and mother of all things, in the first generation of the great goddesses she was called by the Greeks Phoebe. Only later in the Kali Yuga, the dark ages, did she become Phoebus Apollo, Helios, and masculine. But as the bringer of light, life and energy she has been worshipped by men since time immemorial. The sol invictus of the Romans was taken over by the Christians with Sunday and Christmas, and the Egyptian form, Ammon, survives in modern churches as Amen.

The most luminous of all symbols, the sun is the visible


of the divine truth in the physical universe. “The holy light penetrates all things in existence according to their dignity”, as Dante put it. The sun is the foremost expression of light and also the symbol of inner truth, of a heart and mind united in truth, and especially of a mind, a mental being, that has learned to see or perceive every phenomenon in this truth and therefore in


to all else; of a mind in which every idea, every thought is built around its luminous centre of being. This Sri Aurobindo calls a

mind of light.