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The truth which man seeks abides in the quiet wordless spaces of a luminous silence. It does not descend into the noisy chambers of mechanical thought or into the quacking wordy debates of the mind.

Thinking is not for the purpose of finding truth, but for giving expression to truth already found. Thought is not a bridge to reach truth, but should be an arrow coming out of the light. The physical and vital, nervous and desire bodies as well as the mind's mechanical either/or processes must be kept quiet if we would follow the great mystics and yogis into the peace and silence beyond understanding.

Once we have tasted the


that silence can bring, we will become able to contemplate the


of the universe. Just as music is possible only against a background of silence, so all poetry, all thoughts and all words acquire transforming power only by coming out of the silence.

And we don't have to do anything! Just be quiet, live in the


And look: The curtains will rise on mystery after mystery, world behind world.