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The sage may be ancient or modern. What he offers us is a way out of the eternal paradox surrounding us on all sides, an


a sudden ‘quanta’ jump of consciousness when it “Arrives on the frontiers of eternity”[1] and soars beyond mental evaluation into an identification with truth. Usually it is preceded by an


of the ambiguous nature of the mind and the need for transcending its perplexities and limitations. The condition we have to fulfill is


the untying of all knots: of attachment to our prejudices, to our opinions, our vital desires and passions as well as to all ego movements for material possessions.

The symbol of the sage is the empty seat, as in the first centuries after Buddha his followers depicted him, thus indicating the transparency of the truly wise – the absence of any ego-formation on the throne of wisdom. We discover this also in Greece where the oracle of Apollo, when asked to name the wisest of all Greeks, answered: Socrates, because he alone knows that he knows nothing. Never to believe that we know anything and thus to be always ready for enlightenment is not easy.

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