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One of the cosmic laws which the great thinkers of mankind have found again and again in themselves is that every human being and every thing is engaged in a process of eternal rebirth. “Before Adam was I am,” Jesus reminds those who want to follow him, and “I am the life and the continuous resurrection”.

The knowledge that all life is an eternal return, birth and rebirth, has been lost in the countries of ‘the book’, and with it also the knowledge about everlasting being. The mystery cults of Egypt and Greece as well as those in Celtic countries taught this knowledge and an initiate into its mysteries was supposed to have attained his immortality.

Nowadays when we speak of life or evolution we should ask ourselves: What exactly is living or evolving? Then the thesis of rebirth might become an intellectually necessary working hypothesis. True intelligence has always been conscious of this eternal movement, and from Heraclitus to Schopenhaur to Jaspers the great thinkers of the West agree with those of the East:

“It is worth living on earth – ‘each day a festival’ has taught me to love earth. ‘Was that life?’ I will say to earth, ‘all right, once again.’” (Nietsche)

Let us also say, “Once again,” – and again and again!

Then will will understand Jesus' words when he said to his disciples: “Some of you will not taste death.” This is true of those who do not look at the physical body when they think of themselves , but at the soul-fire which they are.

An awareness of this constant and eternal


and the corresponding


leads us to a new level of consciousness from which to enjoy the eternal


that rebirth confers on all living beings.

From ancient Egypt an old blessing comes down to us: “We all are Osiris, He who ever comes again. You sail on the waters of eternity, you are a living soul. You go in and you go out, while your heart is glad. May your place be wide on the barge ‘million years’.”

“Delight of being is not limited in Time; it is without end or beginning. God comes out from one form of things only to enter into another.”[1]

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