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The fish has always been the symbol of the oneness of life with the waters surrounding it. It was also a symbol of the first Christians. For us therefore it stands for the unifier, the sanctifier and the bringer of inner happiness. The fish represents also an important step in our evolutionary history, of which we are reminded by the fish avatar of the Puranas.

In the Devonic age our direct ancestors, ichtyostegus, left the sea and came onto the land, inaugurating the period of terrestrial animals.

Thus the fish is the symbol of life's aspiration that will manifest in a coming piscean age thousands of years from now when man will again leave his old home world, this time to enter space.

But right now the fish brings us an invitation, an


To enter the sea of spiritual life which we carry within us, we have to take our seat in our


a process by which one trains the consciousness to give itself to the Divine. The way is


trust in ourselves and in the guidance which man has received in the long history of evolution from amoeba to fish and from fish to man and now . . . beyond man.