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While Love discovers the rhythms and measures, Perfection “presides over their detail of organisation and execution, relation of parts and effective combination of forces and unfailing exactitude of result and fulfilment.” She is “the tireless, the careful and efficient builder, organiser, administrator, technician, artisan and classifier of the worlds.”[1] To all who collaborate in seeking perfection and to the scrupulous worker, she brings precision and


but she demands careful, tireless efficiency. She is seated in the


of things, in each atom and electron, and invites us to


for her, and with her, in the way of the selfless worker.

We must be ready to face an eternity of toil if that is needed for the fullness of creation. But her hand will sustain us and she will be a mother to our wants, a friend in our difficulties, provided we persevere in our deep urge to go forward towards the integrality of perfection.

What hast thou done for his purpose in the stars? [2]

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