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The first card of this meditation game represents the unity of all things and all beings in our universe. This unity is a fact on all planes of existence. In the physical, the chemical elements of our planet and around it, out through the seventeen billion light years to the farthest galaxies wherever we direct our radio-telescopes, are one and the same: everywhere the same hydrogen, the same carbon as in our bodies, and we must suppose that the same or similar carbon rings and silicon rings constitute living bodies throughout the parts of the universe as yet undiscovered by us.

On the same wave of evolution which started when the cosmic egg exploded, we also ride toward a divine manifestation.

The yogis and mystics and saints as well as the great thinkers of mankind unanimously proclaim this oneness of spirit and the oneness of longing and love ‘immanent’ on all the planets and suns and in all the life of past geological ages and those yet to come in a million billion years. There is only one Life, one Soul, one Being and one Bliss. If we see anything other than this oneness, if we feel ourselves separate from it, we have cut ourselves into two and should undertake some healing exercises with this game of cards in order to regain the right vision, the right feeling for reality.

This ‘one’ is nothing abstract, nor a subject of discussion for philosophers alone. It is very concrete and alive and important and vital to all those who have discovered it. To them it is the beloved, their friend, mother, and child, and they wouldn't exchange it for anything in the world.

This One is by no means limited to a single form. Seen in its opposite pole, after you turn the card half round, it is equally the


the multiplicity, the myriad millions and billions of beings and things around us. At first glimpse this seems a paradox, something illogical, and yet this is how reality, which is strictly one, appears to us. As it is always reality itself, neither the one nor the many is an illusion or ‘maya’ as some people think; reality in all its splendour is one and many at the same time. And we cut ourselves off from it as thoroughly when we deny the multiplicity as when we ignore the oneness.

As our mental being evolved on the flip-flop principle of ‘either-or’, we have to teach it the trick of thinking and meeting the real as the one even when it looks like many, and then to remember that it is many when it looks like only one. If this trick is difficult for our mental being, remember that our real self, our consciousness, our awareness of self has been learning it ever since we became multicellular. Our body also is constituted of millions of cells, yet we are aware of ourselves as one and refer to ourselves as I. Thus all consciousness can be at once multiple and one.

This oneness brings us itself as the


in all things, the indwelling divine presence who has made the universe his play field, the laboratory of his mighty works.

And the way into this oneness is for us to


the appearances, to rise above the many.

“To be one with the Eternal is the object of Yoga; there is no other object, because all other aims are included in this one divine perfection.”[1]

  1. Essays Divine and Human, p.332, “Thoughts and Glimpses”