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Neptune, or Poseidon, one of the twelve Olympians, is the god of the sea in its stormy moods, the bringer of earthquakes and hurricanes. He is equally their transforming power, mutation, sudden change and unwelcome


are his movements. But in him are also the rhythmic tides, the quiet breathing of the oceans. Like the water which is his visible body on earth, he teaches us to yield, to flow smoothly, to obey the great cosmic


Water, says Laotse, because it is


is stronger than stone, and with its rhythm can shatter the hardest material.

Yet our symbol does not depict the male god Neptune, but the age-old goddess of the sea, the mother of the nereids and nayades who is also the mother of all life. Our life on earth has been as a child of the sea, and to make life possible on land the sea still has to breathe for us, to transform carbon dioxide into oxygen. She is therefore also the protector of the biosphere and the enemy of pollution. Perhaps now that man has become conscious of evolution and ecology, he will become a collaborator with our other the sea in protecting, for himself and future man, our earthly environment.