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Complementing the light of the sun is the ‘Moon’ as the yang to the yin of the Chinese. As the sun presides over our days, the moon is the mistress of our nights. She governs our sleep and our dreams. As magna luna, as Artemis or Selene, as Isis or Diana she has always been the goddess of the occult

inner worlds

and as a typical feminine power, the Shakti, she announces


mutation, sublimation.

In the outer physical world the moon influences not only the waters of the great oceans in their rising and falling, but also and equally the ebb and flow of the tides in our bodies. Her silver fairy light invites us tenderly to


her enchanted kingdom, to travel on this ship of the gods in the river of time or to drink deeply from her sacred cup of bliss in order to make our sleep more luminous and full of opaline dreams.

“Spirit-silver craft from the ports of eternity”[1]

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