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Another wanderer is ‘Mercury’, the Psychopompos of the Greeks, the leader of the soul to its destiny among the gods and also their messenger, the go-between. The kingdom of Mercury is our subtle body and its mysterious kundalini force; its symbol: the staff with entwined serpents and two wings, indicating clearly its transforming power and mission to arouse the serpent energy. To awaken this power, we have to follow our

inner programme

the programme which has accompanied us in our long journey from the amoeba. Mercury is not some external guide; he lives in every one of our cells and it is this inner programming which leads the soul on its way to divinisation. Mercury brings us


to the existence of this inner programme. When that awakening comes to us and with it the knowledge of the programme, then the watchword is


an absolute and total obedience to the orders Mercury brings us from the gods of evolution. For disobedience the punishment is fossilisation; we will be taken off the rolls of the living and their continuous evolution, and turned to stone.