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Of all the planetary symbols, Mars has been the most maligned by modern man. Yet the Romans called him mars pitar (Father Mars), and the early Christians venerated the cosmic warrior against evil as the archangel Michael. In India he was never the cruel, brainless war-demon he has become in the degenerate occultism of our times, but rather the shining bringer of spiritual


the remover of obstacles to our progress, the protector of the weak and for the strong who have fought their battles the bringer of


Therefore let us be warriors and


against the inner enemy, never retreating or surrendering to the forces hostile to our spiritual progress.

Without this warrior of the worlds in us man would go to sleep; without his seeming wrath man would remain obstinately ignorant and obscure. Here in our game he appears again in his own glory as the indefatigable fighter for the light, for justice and progress, for all that is divine and against all that is dark and lazy and imperfect in man. Our image, the Peacock, comes from India, where this bird is the vehicle of Kartikeya, the magnificent son of Shiva, the god of victory.