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In some quite natural yet mysterious way all transformation powers in our game seem to come together in this card – because man is above all engaged in an evolutionary process which has now become conscious in him. Man the mental being is not the end of evolution; the luminous possibilities of a


are waiting for him. A direct awareness, a capacity for perceiving the inner truth of things is the aim of our inmost longing and the secret promise of all religions.

This flowering of mankind into a

new man

has been the unceasing endeavor of all powers and dominions, of all helpers and angels in our eternity game. Therefore it is now, in the logic of a natural process, something inevitable.

Man is pushed from crisis to crisis, chased out of his little paradises, until he understands that the only way out is in and up, beyond the vital and mental being into supramental consciousness and being.

The truth of our being, our raison d'être which supervises all our evolutionary steps, expects us to be capable of giving an outer expression to our inner truth, by becoming a living image of this truth, an image of God. And the only way to this man-flower is


Our symbol for this new man is the space-rocket, the star-ship, which expresses in the outer world what we have inwardly to be: companions of the stars.

For supermind is a consciousness all sun, an awareness of the oneness of all things which recognises itself everywhere and makes life “An empire of the immanent Divine.”[1]

His nature grew a movement of the All,
Exploring itself to find that all was He,
His soul was a delegation of the All
That turned from itself to join the one Supreme.
Transcended was the human formula;
Man’s heart that had obscured the Inviolable
Assumed the mighty beating of a god’s;
His seeking mind ceased in the Truth that knows[2]

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