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Of all the helpers and powers intermediary between the absolute and the relative, the infinite and the finite, between man and the great cosmic gods, the ‘Angels’ are the most ancient and universal friends of men. Admittedly they are not easy to meet and their help is rare, but if we are sincere they do help. Like grace, they belong to the happenings of inner life which baffle the logical thinkers but become intimate facts to those of simple heart. When they come they always bring

good news

and, vice versa, the bringer of good news can always be considered an angelic power. They infuse peace and bliss and their seat in us communicates a mysterious power of


of making whole again that which has been broken asunder, a power which all of us possess at least potentially if not actually. Healing is not confined to the body; making whole can also apply to the persona. It realizes that the whole is part of itself, and this truth can heal. The way to actualize it is by


an opening of the inner doors to that angelic healing power. Angels have been represented in India as birds with human heads. We bring you an angel with twentieth-century glider wings.