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The lover is that eternal avatar of love who at different times and in different countries came to mankind to teach the human heart the same kind of transcendence which the sage taught the human mind.

He represents a love which has descended on earth in order to life men's consciousness to


the world of the gods, the luminous heights where love is at home. Love is not only a transforming force from above but also a path which leads upward. It is the way of bhakti yoga, and in order to go this way it is sufficient simply and always to love evermore.

The love of man, the love of woman, the love of the animal and even of things, all finally lead us at the end of the way to that love of God which mirrors itself everywhere. This love, if it carries a total


of oneself, brings immediate


because love demands nothing of the object of its loving, not even a response. Only so will it lead to fulfilment. The doors to the world of the gods will open to us if we surrender in an ever greater, wider and deeper way to love, and to that lover of all beings and all things, God.