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You may be surprised to find ‘humour’ among the helpers on our way, but the idea that a spiritual or higher life excludes humour is wrong. Only when we have a highly-developed sense of humour will we be able to proceed on the long way towards perfection, with its often discouraging and occasionally frightening experiences.

The angels can fly, some philosopher has said, because they take themselves lightly. And to look with humour at oneself, at one's little ego with all its heaviness and obstinacy, is a condition sine qua non of liberation. Laughter, as Homer discovered long ago, is a gift of the gods, and most of the difficulties and obstacles of life disappear before


which kills our nightmares, and quickly and efficiently chases away the demons of darkness.


as a habit is a firm seat, an asana, a throne on which you may retire from the difficulties, and it is always a sign of a true yogi, a saint and a sage. It is also an infallible key to


Our symbol, the monkey, reminds us that the most difficult part of our evolution is in the past, and that form now on optimism and humour are justified.