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When the heart centre awakens, our emotional life will be purified and lifted by the holy flame to its greatest heights; the fire which then shines in our heart will give it


for all other hearts. All our difficulties will disappear in the magnificent


of this radiating warmth; all beings and things will be taken into this embrace, this


this ocean of love which burns in us. Rabbi Bunam said: “It is written in the Proverbs of Solomon: ‘As in the water, face meets face, so the heart of man meets man’. Why is it said ‘in the water’, and not ‘in the mirror’? Because in the water man can see his face only as he approaches it quite closely. So also heart must come quite close to heart, and then it can see itself in it.”

Our symbol for the heart is the lowly frog. For the ancient peoples, it was an emblem of divinity. In German fairy stories you meet him as a secret king in his amphibian majesty, and the frog-headed Hekhet of the Egyptians “was before the gods were”.

A boundless Heart was near his longing heart[1]

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