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The twin card to the disciple is the teacher, the guide. What the guru brings to the disciple is loving


which gently and skillfully leads him, with untiring, unceasing solicitude for his true self, out of his old shell and limitations, his superstitions and prejudices, into a new life, a wider and deeper awareness, an ever higher capacity of


For ages, inscriptions over Egyptian temple doors have urged: “Know thyself”.

The lifted finger on our card reminds us of that one sun of knowledge which is the aim of all learning.

A guru is someone who has become the truth, “a man helping his brothers, a child leading children, a Light kindling other lights”[1] and the way to the guru is


that one who can guide you, in the way best for you, to your very own truth.

The baby tiger who grew up among goats believing himself to be one of them, who acted like them and was equally terrified when they were threatened by a wild tiger, had to be shown his reflection in a stream before he could realize his true nature.

  1. The Synthesis of Yoga, p.67, “The Four Aids”