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The giant is the eternal companion of the dwarf. He appears in all the fairy stories of the world, and may be an old remembrance of the human race from prehistoric times. But in our game the giant has a psychological significance and plays an important role. He stands for the lower man in us, the most primitive level of consciousness and the most ignorant, the ego.

The ego feeling, the feeling of being a separate individual was important for man's evolution, for the building up of human culture and social life. But now the time has come to sublimate and transform this giant, to go beyond the consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ and the feeling of being separate and independent from all else. The giant is ready to see and feel vastly and universally, and to enter that blissful state of


and live in the silence and purity of


the freedom from the lower ignorant nature. The way of the giant is always a mighty


a triple labour of aspiration, rejection and surrender.

“[Ego] exists by its limits and perishes by the loss of its limits”[1]

  1. The Life Divine, p.768, “Out of the Sevenfold Ignorance towards the Sevenfold Knowledge”