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The psychic movement which is symbolized by the ‘Gate’ is the


in some part of ourselves, and the careful remaining open, for some


which may come to us from higher worlds as a divine descent into our surface being. That is why its way is watchfulness, an untiring


to prevent undesirable ideas or feelings from penetrating our inner sanctuary. There are many gates we have to go through in the long history of our evolution, doors that always remain open to those who know their way and time. There are many ways of entering and going out.

A story tells us of a good and pious man, always obedient to his church, who when he died went of course straight to heaven. Happily he found himself standing before the pearly gates, but they were closed! A small notice was posted nearby: “This gate opens once every thousand years.” “What are a thousand years when you are in Eternity?” he consoled himself, and sat down to wait. As he was not accustomed to meditating, he fell asleep. Suddenly he was awakened by a loud bang, only to see the gate closing again.