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The discovery of the inner fire is as old as man, perhaps even simultaneous with the discovery of the outer fire. Agni, the god of both, has been praised and sung in countless hymns in the Vedas. In Sri Aurobindo's translation one Vedic mantra for this fire and its evocation goes like this:

O Fire, if I were thou and thou wert I.jpg

“O Fire, if I were thou and thou wert I, then would thy longings here become true.”[1]

Through the use of this mantra we may discover and awaken the fire in our lowest chakra and identify ourselves with it.

The fire infuses us with new life and


and once it is burning and has established its house, its seat in us, it becomes psychic


It will bring us higher and higher capacities, and all it asks of us is the necessary


the willingness and the capacity to let ourselves be transformed and formed.

As Jesus says, again in the Gospel of St. Thomas, “I am the fire and he who is near to me is near to the fire.”

The plasticity which it demands of our inner life has the same linguistic root as the plasma, the material of the sun, that fiery substance which, as our cosmologists say, can be transmuted into all the elements.