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The knowledge that behind evolution stands a great spiritual force has always been, at least in a hidden way, the possession of the great thinkers of mankind as it has been the optimistic hope of life itself. In the coming age it will be the great foundation of spiritual life. Once we penetrate the inner meaning of an evolving universe it becomes clear that to make evolution possible there must be a preceding or simultaneous


of the evolving principle. Thus life was involved in matter itself before it could evolve out of it; mind was involved in life at the beginning before it evolved with the higher mammals and man; and the supramental truth-awareness was secretly at work behind the very first endeavours of mind.

Thus evolution unfolds itself in a slow


of that which involves. This evolutionary self-knowledge can take place only if we profit from the daily

experience life gives us. As there is no visible end to evolution or to conscious becoming, so there is no end to the possibilities of our growing instrumentation, and with it our power to transform ourselves and our environment.