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The dwarf also is an old transformation symbol. He stands for our mental being, our mind and its magic powers. He lives in the house of


and tries to show us always the

next step.

An Indian legend tells us that once upon a time, when the power of the demons became too strong, the god Vishnu decided to come on earth as a dwarf, in order to vanquish the demon king. When the king saw the little dwarf approaching he laughed, and promised jokingly to give him as much territory as he could measure in three steps. But he forgot to laugh when the dwarf measured with his first step the whole earth and with his second the whole heavens and then, turning around, asked the demon king: “Where shall I put my next step?” And this is precisely the question the mind of man is asking today, after having measured earth and heaven. But the next step for man now is to go beyond himself, beyond mere mind and mental knowledge. Because the way of the mind is continuous inquiry, eternal


a search for a higher truth than itself, and we have to follow it on this exploration.