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Everybody knows what a child is, but very few know the eternal child in themselves. We don't mean the irresponsible vital being, always ready to play tricks on people, or the adolescent who refuses to become adult, or the old man who has become childish.

When Jesus told his disciples that in order to enter the kingdom they had to be like a suckling baby, they did not know what to do. “Shall we become like children?” they asked. And truly it was the most difficult of all the demands Jesus made of them, though perhaps the most valuable indication of the kingdom.

Picasso once said that it took him sixty years to learn to paint like a child. And not only did he by constantly renewing himself become the greatest of all modern painters, but he renewed the art of painting also. It is this eternal divine child in us, which is reborn every day, which we have to discover in ourselves. Let us identify with that which never becomes old and therefore will never die.

The child is not bound by anything, neither his body nor his mind. He can transcend everything with his imagination, even himself, and thus he lives in complete


always ready to start a new play with the divine and material reality in which he lives forever and ever. Although he lives in our world, he does not leave the arms of his divine mother, because there is nothing in the world which is not his mother – in a million forms and masks, from his mother the earth to his mother the galaxy.

Being a child endows us with the capacity to


and the way to find the child is to see and understand the reality around us as a


in which we are invited to participate.

Let this child be your teacher. He will teach you how to enjoy a world which is constantly evolving, how to play ever new games and how to be ready to be reborn in ever-changing forms and bodies, of which nobody has ever dreamed. The child is never tired of finding new passages, even when experience and common sense tell him they are dead ends.

The child has a marvellous talent for forgetting past deceptions and hurts and remembers only his triumphs, the adventures with a happy ending, the eternal moments of bliss in his millions of lives. To be young means never to live in the past, always to live in the now and for the future, and always to be ready to lay aside that which one has been in order to become what one should become. Be that child.

“the perfect man is a divine child”[1]

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