Essays Divine and Human

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Essays Divine and Human
Writings from Manuscripts
1910 – 1950

Part One: Essays Divine and Human

Section One (circa 1911)
Certitudes 5
Moksha 6
Man 7
Philosophy 8
The Siddhis 14
The Psychology of Yoga 18
Section Two (1910 – 1913)
Na Kinchidapi Chintayet 23
The Sources of Poetry 28
The Interpretation of Scripture 33
On Original Thinking 38
The Balance of Justice 46
Social Reform 50
Hinduism and the Mission of India 59
The Psychology of Yoga 64
The Claims of Theosophy 67
Science & Religion in Theosophy 72
Sat 75
Sachchidananda 84
The Silence behind Life 88
Section Three (circa 1913)
The Psychology of Yoga
Initial Definitions and Descriptions 93
The Object of Our Yoga 96
Purna Yoga
I. The Entire Purpose of Yoga 98
II. Parabrahman, Mukti & Human Thought-Systems 103
III. Parabrahman and Parapurusha 107
Natural and Supernatural Man
The Evolutionary Aim in Yoga 108
The Fullness of Yoga -- In Condition 115
Nature 122
Maya 133
Section Four (1914 – 1919)
The Beginning and the End 141
The Hour of God 146 Paper icon.png Wiki icon.png Agenda icon 16px red.png
Beyond Good and Evil 148
The Divine Superman 150
Section Five (1927 and after)
The Law of the Way 155
Man and the Supermind 157
The Involved and Evolving Godhead 161
The Evolution of Consciousness 165
The Path 169

Part Two: From Man to Superman: Notes and Fragments on Philosophy, Psychology and Yoga

Section One. Philosophy: God, Nature and Man
God: The One Reality 177
Nature: The World-Manifestation 193
Man and Superman 221
Section Two. Psychology: The Science of Consciousness
The Problem of Consciousness 271
Consciousness and the Inconscient 290
The Science of Consciousness 302
Section Three. Yoga: Change of Consciousness and Transformation of Nature
The Way of Yoga 327
Partial Systems of Yoga 344
Integral Yoga 356

Part Three: Notes and Fragments on Various Subjects

Section One. The Human Being in Time
The Marbles of Time 379
A Theory of the Human Being 380
A Cyclical Theory of Evolution 382
Section Two. The East and the West
A Misunderstanding of Continents 389
Towards Unification 391
China, Japan and India 394
Section Three. India
Renascent India 397
Where We Stand in Literature 398
Section Four. Genius, Poetry, Beauty
The Origin of Genius 403
Poetic Genius 404
The Voices of the Poets 405
Pensées 407
A Dream 409
The Beauty of a Crow's Wings 410
Section Five. Science, Religion, Reason, Justice
Science 413
Religion 414
Reason and Society 415
Justice 418

Part Four: Thoughts and Aphorisms

Jnana 423
Karma 453
Bhakti 481
Additional Aphorisms 500

Notes are paraphrased from the “Publisher's Note” and “Note on the Texts”.