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The Electric Rickshaw has been commissioned by ACT and developed in Auroville by EV Future, with 2 prototypes funded. In 2009-10 one of these was taken on by Kripa at Sharnga GH, as a way to encourage their guests to use eco-friendly transportation for their short-term needs. As a research experience, Kripa says the income has covered about 50% of the cost of operations during the busy visitors' season (including payment to the driver), although 3 weeks in January the service did not operate. Their experience showed that guests who stay longer, and have their own scooter or regular transport, did not make use of the service. This is the same as the low number of requests from Aurovilians and Newcomers, who also had no need of it. Although the driver carried a cell phone and was "on call", the bulk of requests came via Visitors Centre and being "flagged down" on the road itself.

Fares were calculated on 3 slabs: short trips (30 Rs) short-medium (50 Rs) and long trips (Rs 100). In future it may be possible to link the management of the service to ACT, with the boarding pass used (ticket punching).

One Aurovilian family has found the rickshaw a good option for "busing" their children along with a few of the neighbours' children between school, sports & home. The service has yet to be widey promoted and is still in the research phase of implementation.