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(Medhananda:) “To our physical eyes, the stars appear as points of light. But imagine that the entire surface of your body is eye – you would perceive thousands of times more than now. That gives us some idea of what the earth perceives.
         Our mother the earth is not only aware of herself, but at the same time of everything around her, in particular of the sun in which she bathes and from which her strength comes, but also of the stars. The stars are much closer and brighter for her than for us. In fact there is no distance. She experiences the attraction of each star as a caress – throughout her whole body, not only on the surface. That is what we call ‘gravitation’: millions of caresses coming from all directions.”[1]

“Have you ever tried to picture what this new consciousness could be and what a new race could be like, and finally what a new world could be like?
         By analogy, it is quite obvious that the arrival of man upon earth has changed the earth-condition. I cannot say that from a certain point of view this was for the greatest good of all, because there are many who have suffered terribly from it, and here it is obvious that the complications the human being has brought into life have not always been very favourable either for him or for others. But from a certain point of view this has brought about a considerable progress, even in the lower species: man meddled with the life of animals, he meddled with the life of plants, he meddled with the life of metals, of minerals; as I said, it was not always for the greatest joy of those he dealt with, but still it certainly changed their conditions of life considerably. Well, in the same way, it is probable that the supramental being, whatever it might be, will considerably change the life of the earth. In our heart and our thought we hope that all the evils the earth suffers from will be at least ameliorated if not cured, and that the general conditions will be more harmonious, and in any case more tolerable. This may happen, because it was the very nature of the mental consciousness which incarnated in man, who acted for his own satisfaction, with his own development in view and without much consideration for the consequences of his actions. Perhaps the Supermind will act more harmoniously. In any case we hope so. That is how we conceive of it.
         But I am asking you, in turn, a question: have you thought of it? Have you thought of what it could be?”[2]

“I want some information about the latest astronomical discoveries...
         (To Pavitra) Is similar matter known in the other worlds as that on the earth?

(Pavitra) Everywhere, Mother. Up to now no difference has been found in the matter not only of the solar system but also of the others.

It is all the same. And then, how is it that we are told that human beings could not live on other planets, not even on Jupiter or Venus?

(Pavitra) The elements are the same, the chemical elements, for instance, are the same. But those which have been formed, at present — for example in Jupiter there would be an atmosphere of ammonia and carbonic gas...

Yes. So the formation is not the same after all?

(Pavitra) The physical body, evidently, organic matter cannot be the same.

Yes, the one people usually know...

(Pavitra) ... cannot be the same.

Cannot be the same, you see.

Are there psychic beings up there or are they only in Matter?

I have heard that only on the earth there are psychic beings, precisely because the earth has been created as a symbol for concentrating the problem, and the psychic being, which is the result of the direct intervention of the Supreme, has been created here exactly for the necessities of this symbolic action.

Are there really any beings on Jupiter or Mars?

For me, if you ask me, there are beings everywhere. Everywhere. One doesn’t see them, that’s all. But they are everywhere. But certainly I don’t think they are like what we see in the pictures — the Martians you were shown in the pictures with grotesque forms. I have no reason to think that they are like that.”[3]

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