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(Shyam Sundar:) “Does Durga's lion represent the Divine Power over adverse forces?

(Mother:) It can be understood that way.
         But in the vital there is a lion very much alive who is very often near me and whom several persons have often seen. He is evidently not an animal though having an animal appearance symbolic of his royal strength.”[1]

(Mother:) “Well, you know, I will tell you something. In those days, when I used to give special blessing for the pujas – Durga, Mahasaraswati, etc., at that time, Durga and the others used to come to me; besides, they used to meet me from time to time. They came by turns and even now they come for some work or the other. And I do not know if it was last year or the year before – moreover, time has no importance for me; in fact, there is not much difference, since I have stopped giving blessings for the pujas – anyway, it was close to the pujas, and as usual Durga came to me. She was so beautiful and formidable, like all the other children, but it was an entity which possesses the cosmic force. And I told her: “Shall there be no end to these little entities and is it not time to turn towards the Supreme, leaving behind the little personal egos?”
         Then you know what happened? Something marvellous and unexpected: in a humble gesture full of gratefulness she abandoned everything to the Supreme in such a joyous and spontaneous atmosphere which cannot be expressed in words but has to be lived to be seen. And She told me: “Yes, I am Thine completely, what Thou willest, I shall do. I give myself to You.” And she prostrated herself at my feet. It was a complete surrender. There was no hesitation. It was so beautiful. It is since then that I have stopped the blessings for the pujas. Because it is no longer necessary. It is over, once and for all, … oh! In such a fine act, such a charming gesture!
         It is only to the Lord that we send our adoration and gratitude. The Supreme alone and nothing else! That chapter is over, the reign of the cosmic gods. Now only the Supreme exists for us. Nothing else.
         ... From that beautiful experience something emerged. I could get some work done in collaboration with her. It was the New Year prayer which I had written, the prayer that Nature will collaborate... and so on. You know it?

Yes, yes, Mother:


O Nature, Material Mother, thou hast said that thou wilt collaborate and there can be no limit to the splendour of this collaboration.

It was in that way that slowly she could abandon herself completely, and now we have no need of these pujas; she has become one with the Supreme. And it is the Supreme alone whom we adore. Now she has entered into me. You understand?

Yes, Mother.

But there is still the resistance in other countries and in the religious entities which I am trying to transform. But here it is finished. But no one will understand what it means exactly. They will twist and deform it because it is beyond their conceptions. They cannot imagine such an event, that the gods could surrender to me. It is something unimaginable for them.”[2]

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