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Sri Aurobindo
“The Mother”

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(Shyam Sundar:) “You are with me, always, but I am not aware of it.

(Mother:) I am more subtle than the air; and already the air you do not see.
         There are infinitely more things which we do not see than those we see.”[1]

(Sri Aurobindo:) “What people mean by the formless svarūpa of the Mother, — they mean usually her universal aspect. It is when she is experienced as a universal Existence and Power spread through the universe in which and by which all live. When one feels that Presence one begins to feel a universal peace, light, power, bliss without limits — that is her svarūpa. One meets this more often by rising in consciousness above the head where one is liberated from this limited body consciousness and feels oneself also as something wide, calm, one self with all beings — free from passion and disturbance in an eternal peace. But it can be felt through the heart also — then the heart too feels itself wide as the world, pure and blissful, filled with the Mother’s presence.
         There is also the Mother’s personal and individual presence in the heart which brings immediately love and bhakti and the sense of a close intimacy and personal oneness.”[2]

(Mother to Huta:) “You must remember that the Supreme Mother has innumerable aspects and She holds the whole Universe in Her arms. She wants each and everything to be transformed and to attain their Goal.”[3]

(Mother to Satprem, 1961:) “There are two lines in the ancient traditions, two ways of explaining this. One says it is by the ‘descent’ of what already exists in all its perfection that what is involved can be awakened to consciousness and evolution. It’s like the old story: when what Sri Aurobindo calls the universal Mother or the Shakti (or Sachchidananda) realized what had happened in Matter (that is, in what had created Matter) and that this involution had led to a state of Inconscience, total unconsciousness, the ancient lore says that at once the divine Love descended straight from the Lord into Matter and began to awaken what was involved there.
         Other traditions speak of the Consciousness, the divine Consciousness, instead of Love. One even finds accounts full of imagery depicting a Being of prismatic light lying in deep sleep in the cave of the Inconscient; and this Descent awakens him to an activity which is still (how to put it?) inner, an immobile activity, an activity by radiation. Countless rays issue from his body and spread throughout the Inconscient, and little by little they awaken in each thing, in each atom, as it were, the aspiration to Consciousness and the beginning of evolution.
         I have had this experience.
         I have had the experience of being ‘missioned’, so to speak, in a form of Love and Consciousness combined – divine Love in its supreme purity, divine Consciousness in its supreme purity – and emanated DIRECTLY, without passing through all the intermediate states, directly into the nethermost depths of the Inconscient. And there I had the impression of being, or rather of finding a symbolic Being in deep sleep ... so veiled that he was almost invisible. Then, at my contact, the veil seemed to be rent and, without his awakening, there was a sort of radiation spreading out.... I can still see my vision.”[4]

(Mother to Mona Sarkar:) “You do not know who I am, who has descended into the ignorance among you, who has consented to be human, to take up a physical body among you all. You have no idea of who is there before you. Well, even the gods whom you revere so much, perform tapasya in order to have a glimpse of me. It is for me and through me that the whole Universe exists and it vibrates in my consciousness. It is through me that all living beings and inanimate things and all that you see in the manifestation, acts and progresses. There is nothing that is not within me. I am the Cause. It is in me that all things disappear. Everything, everything is expressed in me and aspires to take refuge in me. Those who know me a little give their entire lives to find me.
         I am above the whole Manifestation.”[5]

(Mother to Mona Sarkar:) “But you know, I am up there, like this (gesture) above your head, constantly, so that you open this door up there (gesture) so that I can enter into you completely for identifying myself with you. And then I shall do everything, everything in you. For that, you have to be pure and sincere, and the psychic should come to the forefront to govern your life. All your actions must be the expression of your deeper being, of your inner life. Then my light will be able to penetrate from above and communicate with your psychic and bring about a radical change in your consciousness. It is in this way that you could invite me and I could easily enter in you to unite with your consciousness in a perfect union. Then it will no longer be you who would do the things but I would do all for you. It is for this that I am waiting patiently, when I will see that day full of promise when the ego in you opens itself towards the Self, which is up here permanently, so that it descends in you and governs your life. In fact, for each one, I am inside him as well as above him. It is in this way that I govern. But you must make a connection with me, in order to find me up there also....
         Each step that I have placed awakens Matter and resounds there like an echo. Each step is precious that awakens the consciousness in Matter. I am enclosed in each atom and my contact with the earth, at each step, bursts open the crust and awakens it to the light.

(After a while Mother continues)

Be courageous and resume with resolution and nothing can delay you. I am here to help you.
         Move forward, my child, do not lose this opportunity. It comes once in a lifetime and life is not long. But the effort can shorten the route. And with me beside you as guide the path will be shortened considerably and it will become accessible.
         Forward towards those regions, there where you will find me in a body without age, in a glorious form.
         Good luck.”[6]

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