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“Satyendra: It is supposed that while cow's milk is good, buffalo's milk makes the brain dull. Doctors don't prescribe it. Why don't you take milk. Sir?

Sri Aurobindo: Because I don't care to.

Satyendra: It is very good for the blood.

I have plenty of blood, I think.

Dr. Becharlal: Milk is said to be good for spirituality.

It is no better than Nirod's brinjal. (Laughter) The Mother and I don't take milk. There are many people who have taken milk for many years — even ten years — but I don't know that they have progressed spiritually. Punnuswamy, who was suffering from an ulcer, took nothing but milk.

Dr. Becharlal: Milk is believed to be an ideal food.

I have no idea.

Nirodbaran: Dr. Becharlal is rather fond of milk.”[1]

  1. Talks with Sri Aurobindo (Vol. 2), p.518, 1 March 1940

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