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AurovilleRadio-logo-pop.png Declaration of Love
by Steffi, 2009 (15:18)

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“What is Auroville?” This was the question proposed on the 19th of November 2009 at the Residents' Assembly Gathering in the Visitors Centre, where Aurovilians, Newcomers and guests came together to talk. The idea was to share individual and personal answers to this question. The organizing team expected positive as well as critical answers, but what happened was a declaration of love to Auroville. People expressed their honest and deep feelings connected to Auroville.

“Auroville is one big family.”

“Auroville is a very dynamic and intense dance.”

“Auroville is for me a place to become.”

“Auroville is my home.”

“It's a laboratory of really a new humanity, unit.”

“‘A dream: There should be somewhere on earth a place where no nation could claim as its own, where all human beings of goodwill who have a sincere aspiration could live freely as citizens of the world, and obey one single authority: that of the Supreme Truth. A place of peace, concord, and harmony.’ (The Mother)”

“One of the most powerful things that it was to me is a microcosm. In my experience, all of the problems and all of the possibilities that exist in the world, exist here. And Auroville gives one an opportunity to work on those things that exist in the world: they also exist in oneself. And so it's an environment which one can know that you're working on global things, and inner things, and cosmic things, by working on the things that are presented in the field here – from the material all the way up.”

“For me Auroville is very much the Aurovilians – us. And so, because of that, my commitment to Auroville is about creating and nurturing our connections.”

“Auroville is a tremendous hope for a new world – for a new creation, a new society. And these persons are coming with a lot of enthusiasm; somehow it can be naive, it can be with some ideas, idealism – but they really are touched by the Auroville experience. And they really want to come and experience it by themselves, by helping, by working, by participating to this. And I'm really working hard to make Auroville welcoming, as much as possible. Because we have a very large and sincere and profound responsibility for these people – all these people and youth from the world.”

“I'm actually, after 20 years (more than that), seeing Auroville becoming a place where people can learn things or explore. And I'm very happy to see this, and hope it will get more, so it becomes a learning field, and therefore also welcome a lot of people coming, visiting. And for me it became evident that it makes no difference if somebody stays here or doesn't stay here: everybody can bring and contribute something. And people do.”

“For me, when I read of Auroville it was in context of Sri Aurobindo and Mother; and what really brought me here is that I saw it (and still see it) as a place to help in giving birth to a new world which is liberated from the difficulties of ignorance in human nature, and is able to live in the light and harmony and peace. And I've been here 5 years – and more and more I realize to what extent (for me) this is possible only if there is an inner birth. There is a reception of a new consciousness, which would organize my being around it. And how little my mind, my emotional being, my body can really birth something new, unless they are driven by something higher. And so far I have not been able to contribute much in external life, because this has become more and more a belief. And I do believe as this is born, behavior changes. And I feel more and more the futility of building a city, unless the inner city is built.”

“Personally, for me Auroville is something just ‘to be’. We have to be, and live, the experience and opportunity. And what great opportunity, to be. And to try to share with other people what we are doing in our life.”

“I have been here for 30 years or little more. And I just came to Auroville because I saw the Mother. And that was the end for me – it was the place for me. I'm not a mental person: I never thought “what I want”, “what I don't want”. I'm here, and I'm here. That's all. But when I had a serious operation a year ago or so, I really found that Auroville is one big family. They helped me through my illness with their prayers (because it was a very serious one); and they helped me when I was getting nursed, when I was in the nursing home. And everything afterwards also. And I felt they were more friends – family – than my own blood family.”

“I don't know whether I myself have chosen to come to Auroville. I don't know who has ‘sent me’ – but I know I have been forced, more or less, to come to Auroville. Who, I don't know. And the first time I thought I would stay here for 1 year; and now I am already here for 5 years. And the space – what I like here, that you have your space, and the space is growing. It's shrinking, but it's expanding. And that's what I'm experiencing; for me it's a space to expand, and to grow.”

“Auroville has been my home for the last 18-19 years. It has been a place of many many challenges, a place of many many many possibilities. I cannot say if it would be as so anywhere else. It is a place that I chose or that chose me; and I'm very grateful for the – for me it's a place of possibilities. And a place where I can explore, and I can grow – continue growing – and where I can contribute the skills that are coming through me. For others, to this place, and to the rest of humanity.”

“For me Auroville is – I read from Mother a long time ago – it's a laboratory for really a new humanity, unit. And for me, my life, my dream, my soul is here from the first time I put a step in Auroville, 4 years ago. (That's my fourth time.) And I want to become a part of this new factory, or part of this new world – for the new people, a new race. And work for this new place that, for me in Auroville, is really the place what is going to be made.”

“Auroville is the culmination of kind of a quiet search, for about 15 years, for a community where I could settle down. And I was happy in my home; I had experienced many times a deep inner connection with single people. But in Auroville, it's like that with almost everyone. It's not like I feel that Mother is the only one, for me; but it's like she is with everybody: all the wise, and all the saints, and all the wonderful gods and goddesses. And I think in the course of time I've been here, she's given me three (maybe even four) really big things to do. And they've come at me – whoosh! And it's been done. And I'm so grateful. I experience a freedom here that I have never experienced anywhere else in my life.”

“Auroville is for me a place to ‘become’. It's a place to take into myself and to find, and to express, the best of the inner being – which is actually something very deep, and which is beyond my own self. And this land, this place, these conditions of living together in a community is an extraordinary occasion for me to realize what I am, the best – to offer the best that I can. And to serve. To serve the community, to serve the project. It's a huge inner and outer transformation challenge.”

“I was in search – so perhaps an answer came to me, towards Auroville. And I found this to be a potential ‘house’ which is experimenting with all these values which we have had once-upon-a-time in our life. I really would like to cherish all these values.”

“For me Auroville is Mother's doing. And anything I need, I ask Mother. And if I do something wrong, I call Mother. So for me, there's only Mother.”

“A friend of mine said a few weeks ago, “What do you have to offer Auroville?” Don't come to take from Auroville. I had a feeling that as one thing everybody should be able to take from Auroville – and that is a feeling of unity. This unity is what Auroville should be able to give to everybody. And I think it's not so easy to give it or something, or to receive it, but it might be the one thing we can offer to anybody in the world.”

“For me, Auroville is a very dynamic and intense dance. And it's a very living and breathing organism, of souls that are all aspiring in their own unique way. For something else. For the earth.”

“Another important thing for me in Auroville that actually a lot of people visiting Auroville used a lot (from what I saw), is that we have this fabulous work-place called the Matrimandir here. And for me, this makes all the difference.”

“Perhaps the greatest thing that has happened to me – and perhaps to my beloved as well – has been the idea of ‘consciousness’. We didn't really realize what consciousness is. And that has come upon us, and we have – in everything that we do, our work, and so on – spent it on developing and deepening consciousness. What that exactly means, I don't know (!) But I'm not the same person who came here 11 years ago. I am more conscious – and I have a long way to go.”

“For me Auroville is clearly a state of mind. I definitely noticed when I spent 9 years in Canada that I carried Auroville with me all the time. And people would ask weird questions about where I was from – they knew that I wasn't a ‘normal person’ that was just from Canada! And I was just recently in Poland; and people were kind of dumbfounded by the possibility of living a free life, and living a life where we weren't caught in a cycle of having to get up and go to your job so that you can pay the bills; and that we weren't here to make lots of money and have our comforts. Yeah... so, it's definitely a state of mind. And a connected, free place.”

“Auroville is my home. I got this – to stay the rest of my life here – it's very clear for me. And I try to help, to give my personal help for the town planning, so much it's possible.”